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The unconscious "Why?"

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Why your customers lie to you?

90% of decisions people make unconsciously.

Customers personalities

Psychological archetypes describe the motive-need-orientations

In a nutshell, psychological archetypes describe individuals’ motivational-need orientations based on the Jungian archetypes.

Psychological archetypes segment people according to their unconscious needs that drive their behaviour and decision making. Unlike personality traits, these needs, or motivational strengths, are not context-specific. Instead, they will guide individuals irrespective of the setting and situation making it a more reliable source of information.

Tools for analyzing customer decisions

Online archetype segmentation engine NEOPIC©️ .

Psychologically speaking, in order to make marketing, communication, and store engagement impactful, relevant and persuasive we need to position your messages against human needs.

At a core level all humans have needs that drive their decisions to engage, act upon or see relevance in a message or a proposition.

To give an example, someone who has a high need for social integration will want to know what other people like them are doing – as they want to fit in with the group and seek security that they are doing what others in their situation have done.

Thus, we need to understand your customers’ underlying needs that drive their behaviour to understand how to position your messages and communication off- and online in terms of customers’ fundamental needs.

This can be done with our online archetype segmentation engine NEOPIC©️ .

Are your customers lying to you?

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