Smiley Terminal

Collect feedback quickly and easily

The Smiley terminals are wireless and can therefore be used very flexibly. The feedback is transmitted via mobile internet and can therefore be used immediately practically anywhere.

All you have to do is set up the device and start collecting feedback immediately.

The details at a glance

Integrated functions

Interval protection

A built-in custom setting that filters out excessive key presses to ensure the accuracy of your data.

Web & email reports

Result overviews for roles, locations and times that are sent to your e-mail address.

Interaction reports

1-page summary report that can be printed out to share your results internally and on-site.

Share on social media

Overview image for sharing your results online with one click.


Real-time alerts

A feature that sends an instant warning of service degradation via an automatic email notification.

Branded packages

Adapt the terminal to your CI with our available corporate design packages:

Standard: Base plate with the brand name + questionnaire with your company logo

User-defined: base plate according to your own design + questionnaire.


Weight (assembled)

Standard: 8.5 kg
. Marked: 9.2 kg

Dimensions (assembled)

Depth: 385 mm
Width: 465 mm
Height: 1390 mm

Depth: 340 mm
Width: 465 mm
Height: 1335 mm


Data transfer

Secure 3G network


Wall, table and railing versions

Do You Have Questions?

Don't hesitate to get in touch


Intelligent reporting. Always included.

The reporting  is the “heart” of our feedback systems.


Special Offer!

HappyOrNot service for two months free

Offer includes two (2) Smiley Terminals and access to the web-based reporting system.

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