Voice of the Customer (VOC)

Voice of the Customer (VOC) is a critical component in any business’s efforts to satisfy their customer’s needs and wants.

It allows you to understand the customer experience you are delivering through listening to the customer. Essentially, VOC is the practice of listening to your customers.

VOC involves listening to what the customer is saying to you and about you. Then acting quickly on that information.

It has 3 major purposes;

  • To determine what the customer cares about.
  • To set goals and priorities aligning with the customer’s needs.
  • To figure out customer needs you can profitably meet.

What are the advantages of a VOC program?

Understanding the customer journey is what drives customer-centric organisations. And it starts by asking the right questions, these drive the changes implemented. 

By listening to your customers, you can deliver better services, build better products, and also improve the customer experience, helping to foster loyalty among your customers.

In conclusion, you can’t assume you know what the customer wants. To deliver a top-notch customer experience, you need to understand how customers feel about your products and services, what their expectations are and whether or not you consistently deliver on those expectations.

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