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    Do you know the opinion of your customers and employees?

    You can increase the satisfaction of your customers and employees for greater sales and profits. Our sophisticated tools and proven strategies, will lead you to more turnover and higher productivity.

    Your ultimate feedback solution

    If you don’t want to leave the success of your business to chance or gut feeling, you need data.

    With the help of our world-renowned Happy or Not solutions, you can record the satisfaction of your customers and employees in a flash.

    The data obtained flows into the reporting tool for analysis – the “heart chamber” of our feedback solution. You can quickly and easily record developments and draw conclusions about possible sources of optimisation.

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    Healthy feedback

    Good hygiene practices are a top priority, and antimicrobial solutions offer solutions offer prophylactic protection against bacteria and viruses, such as the novel coronavirus.

    Hand Sanitizer

    Provide hand sanitization by attaching this holder to Smiley products and give people a convenient way to disinfect as they give feedback.

    Mobile QR Code Option

    Your Customers get the option to use their own mobile phones to submit feedback to you. A perfect complement to our Smiley Terminal and Touch products. 

    Antimicrobial Screen Protection for all Smileys products

    All Smiley Touch and Smiley Terminal products come with antimicrobial protection at no extra cost, which is scientifically proven to actively combat coronaviruses and bacteria (ISO21702).

    Special Offer!

    HappyOrNot devices are free for two months*

    The offer includes two smiley terminals and access to the web-based reporting system.

      *Based on a 24 month contract

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